Professor Lester Embree

It is with great sorrow and immense grief that I write this letter to you to inform you that Professor Lester Embree is no more. He died on Thursday, the 19th January in the morning hours in Florida. He was in and out of the hospital for some time due to various ailments. He was 80 years old. As the President of Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology (CARP), he visited India four times to deliver lectures and conduct seminars. We who are associated with Center for Phenomenological Studies will remember him so much because on three occasions he came to India for workshops and seminars connected with our organization. He was the one who gave us the seed money to start our activities.He had such a large number of publications and his CV runs into 80 pages. He was truly a great missionary for the spread of phenomenology in different parts of the world. May his soul rest in piece. (V. C. Thomas, Centre for Phenomenological Studies, Pondicherry)