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Phenomenology of Time Consciousness - Husserl and Heidegger

28 to 30 January, 2019



Phenomenology of Time Consciousness - Husserl and Heidegger

28-30 January, 2019 

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Centre for Phenomenological Studies in association with the Department of Philosophy, ​Loyola College, Chennai, organizes a three-day workshop aimed at an intensive study of Phenomenology of Time Consciousness - Husserl and Heidegger on 2019 January 28-30 (Monday to Wednesday). The workshop is open to all scholars interested in the phenomenological philosophy of (Edmund) Husserl and (Martin) Heidegger. Participants will have an opportunity to present papers in the workshop on day one and two after dinner.  

Theme of the workshop

In the history of philosophy, there is hardly any philosopher like Edmund Husserl who worked so hard and for such a long time to unravel the mystery of time.  Husserl published his first phenomenological treatise, Logical Investigations, in 1900.  However, he wrote his first essay on Time already in 1893. And, he continued to work on the concept of time until 1934, a few years prior to his death.  He studied Aristotle and St. Augustine, the two philosophers who contributed to our understanding of time in great deal intensely and differed from both extensively. Husserl expounded his notion of the phenomenology of time consciousness in Husserliana volumes 8, 10 and 33. Normally one who is interested in Husserl’s treatment of time-consciousness, usually confines to Husserl’s 1904-05 lectures edited by Martin Heidegger and published under the title “Phenomenology of Internal Time Consciousness.”In fact, this is only a part of Husserliana Vol.10. Apart from Husserliana volumes, Husserl examines time in Ideas(1), Cartesian MeditationsThe Crisis, and Phenomenological Psychology. In this workshop all these literature will be referred to highlight the theme. 

Martin Heidegger’s Magnum Opus, Being and Time cannot be made sense of without reference to time. One cannot understand Heidegger without a thorough grasp of Husserl’s treatment of consciousness, although, the word consciousness is hardly found in Being and Time. One would say, from a cursory look, that there are enormous differences and immense disparity between Husserl and Heidegger in their understanding of time. In the final analysis, there are lots of similarities and resemblances between their thinking. Heidegger’s in-depth knowledge of Greek and Latin enabled him to look into various issues connected with time. His claim is that Dasein temporalizes itself and because of this there is world.  Time does not have the mode of the Being of an entity. Heidegger Uses expressions like ecstasies, and Augenblick, in order to elucidate his understanding of them as well as to indicate the depth of the meaning of temporality. 

Resource Persons

Lectures on Heidegger's treatment of time consciousness will be delivered by Dr Thomas Kalariparambil. He did his doctorate on the fundamental ontology of Martin Heidegger at Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg, GermanyHe teaches Philosophy in Bangalore, Pune, and Aluva. He is the author of the book “Das befindliche Verstehen und die Seinsfrage,co-translator of Heidegger’s Mindfulness and has published over 25 philosophical articles in International Journals. He is also one of the associate editors of Heidegger Studiesan International Journal published from Germany. He is currently working on a book on Heideggers God-question against the backdrop of post-metaphysical debates on the topic.

Lectures on Husserl's understanding on time will be delivered by Dr V. C. Thomas who is familiar to the Phenomenological fraternity. He was foremerly the Professor and Dean of the Sri aurobindo School of Eastern & Western Thought, Central University, Pondicherry. 

The Venue of the Workshop

The Venue of the Workshop is Satya Nilayam, 201 Kalki Krishnmurthy Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041. Accommodation is limited to 25 persons. 

Dates of the Workshop
28-30 January 2019 (Monday to Wednesday) 

Fees for the Workshop

Rs. 2000/- for board and lodge which includes registration and study materials. Day-scholars: Rs. 1000/- which includes registration, lunch and coffee for all the days. Fees may be paid directly on arrival. 


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Dr V.C. Thomas 
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Dr E.P. Mathew   
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Dr James Kurian   
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