Faith and Knowledge in Islam and Sufism:
In the light of Current Practices and Changes

Sarim Abbas
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Sufism or Tasawwuf, is often considered as a mystical Dimension of Islam. Some people contend that that it is a perennial philosophy of existence that pre-dates religion, the expression of which flowered within Islam. Sufism has been a point of Debate for many Islamic Scholars. One school of thought believes that Sufism is allowed or Halaal, the other school believes it to be Prohibited or Haraam. Often the word like “Shirk” (Worshiping someone other than Allah or regarding someone equal to a same as Allah) has been used for Sufism. In total the real Sufism is somewhat different from the Sufism practices known to the World.

My talk will basically focus on the main concept of Sufism, the reason why this practice started and the shape it has developed during these many years of Islam. The concept which used to revolve around knowing the world and God has changed in a very conservative and a stiff mode, which now defy changes and the scientific arguments. In total this talk will cover the shift of from innovativeness to conservativeness, from praying to God to praying to Dead, from peaceful beliefs to violent practices. The references for this talk will be the Holy Quran, relevant Hadith and the comments of the Islamic Scholars along with the personal Observation made being a follower of both Islam and Sufism.