Martin Heidegger


1889 Martin Heidegger is born on September 26 as son of Friedrich Heidegger and Johanna Heidegger-Kempf in Meßkirch, Germany.
1903-1906 Stays at the Konradihaus in Constance to continue his high school education.
1906-1909 Continues his studies at the Gymnasium in Freiburg.
1907 Conrad Gröber presents him with a copy of Franz Brentano's dissertation "On the Manifold Meaning of Being."
1909-1911 Studies theology and philosophy at the University of Freiburg. Begins to study the writings of Edmund Husserl and Wilhelm Dilthey in 1910.
 1913 Heidegger obtains the doctorate in philosophy with his inaugural dissertation "The Doctrine of Judgment in Psychologism."